About Us

Hello, we are the Meeks’ Buck & Christy

We have been married for 22 years and have 2 wonderful children.  We have lived in the Broken Bow area for the majority or our lives.  For the first 18 years of our marriage we owned and Buck operated a logging truck business and I kept the books for the business, and kept up with the kids.  When the kids started school I went back to working outside of the home. In 2008 I started cleaning cabins in the Broken Bow lake area.  Over time I moved up to being over the cleaning for 40 cabins.  When we sold the log truck Buck started doing maintenance at cabins.  In 2012 we branched out on our own and started a cleaning service and a lawn care service.  We have built up a good business, but feel it is time to add to it, and Escape 2 Broken Bow seems like the next step.